Content Writing Mentor – A Step by Step Guide

If you are planning to write an article in a particular niche but have no idea about what topic to write, then Contentop Writing Mentor is for you. Contentop Writing mentor will suggest you topics to write about and also provides you with features that reduces your research time and helps you create your rough draft and final draft.

If you have no idea about what to write:

1. Log in into Contentop App.

2. In “What stage of writing are you in?” page, select Content Writing Mentor by clicking “Get ideas!” Button.
3. Choose your niche and enter your keyword(optional) in the appropriate boxes provided and click “Search” button.

4. You will be displayed with a list of topics from which you can select one. Click the corresponding “Create Draft” Button to proceed to the next stage.

Note : If you are not convinced with the topics click “Search Again” Button at the bottom of the page.

5. You will land on the scribe page in which you will have a portion of the outline for your article. The outline will be loaded with hints, sample quotes or lines that trigger your thought process. There are three different sections such as Introduction section, Main body and Closing section. Click those sections orderly.

6. Read the outline and fill in your thoughts  in the “Type Here” Box wherever applicable and click “Save” Button to load the next portion of your outline.

For example, the above scribe in which the user has typed in is shown below.

For the main body of the article, the Expert System will provide you with reference links which you can click, open and read to get ideas about the topic. For example, take a look at the below image.

Keep typing the main points/ideas that strike your mind in the scribe page which you can develop into meaningful content later.

 Note : At any point, you can use “Save” option to save your draft for future use. Click “Saved Drafts” button at the top of the page to view your drafts which are saved already.

7. Once you are done, Click “Next” Button at the bottom of the page to enter to the next stage.

8. Now your article is in queue and it will take few minutes to generate.

Check out your completed drafts under the “My Drafts” category and once you notice your article under the completed article, click edit to add more content and spice to your article.

9. You may have to search web for additional details, related trends and news, tweets about the topic and some keywords related to yours. To do all these, Select a word/phrase which will drop a menu in which you can select your option.

Search web

Related trends and news

Get tweets

Get Keywords

Click your option and the Expert System will display some reference materials which you can click open to refer. For example in the below picture when “Find Related Trends and News” is clicked.

10. To optimize your article, use the following features by clicking the corresponding Buttons at the bottom of the page.

Check Readability

Check Plagiarism

SEO Check

After “Readability check” is progressed, to help you improve the readability, all adverbs in your article will be displayed in “Orange” and lengthy sentences will be displayed in “Red” as shown below.


An example for “SEO Check” is shown below.

11. To save your draft for later use Click “Save” Button at the bottom of the page. You can open your drafts later by clicking “Saved Drafts” Button on the top of the page.

   Go Ahead and Create articles with Contentop App. Wish you Success!