Contentop App – Getting Started

Contentop has come up with its Artificially Intelligent Article Writing App for Content Writers/Bloggers to reduce their research time at various stages of writing whether it’s selecting topic, creating rough draft, developing final draft or optimizing their article.

Login into the Contentop App and you will be left with 2 options to select.

A brief introduction to those 2 options :

Select the stage you want to start with

1. Blog Optimizer – To optimize your partially written article.

Select  this option to get “Web Search”, “Related trends and news”, “tweets” & “Related Keywords” about selected word/phrase which you can utilize to optimize your partially written article and to check/improve the “Readability”, “Plagiarism” & “SEO” of  your already written article/blog post.

Learn more about Blog Optimizer – A Step by Step Guide.


2. Content Writing Mentor – To start writing with no idea on what to write about.

Select  this option if you have little or no knowledge about your niche and are puzzled on what topic to write about and where to start. Get a list of topics  in your niche  from which you can select one and then Contentop Expert System will help you create your own rough draft.

Learn more about Content Writing Mentor-A Step by Step Guide.