How to Use Contentop to Write Blog Posts in Minutes- A Step By Step Guide

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A content writer has to provide content within a stipulated time. He has to research, plan and develop blogs and articles for his client. The efficiency of a writer depends on factors like how fast he can research, how good he is in thinking and planning and how fast he can produce articles. How can a writer increase his efficiency or in other words save his time?

When efficiency is measured in terms of time, writing apps prove to be most useful to writers. “Contentop” with its artificial intelligence based algorithm provides all the help a writer may need to produce premium quality articles. Continue reading below to explore more about this amazing app.

If you are planning to write an article in a particular niche but have no idea about what topic to write, then Contentop Writing Mentor is for you. Contentop Writing mentor will suggest you topics to write about and also provides you with features that reduces your research time and helps you create your drafts.

If you have no idea about where to start. Relax, follow these steps below.

1. Log in into Contentop App.

2. Choose your niche and enter your keyword(optional) in the appropriate boxes provided and click “Search” button.


3. You will be displayed with a list of topics from which you can select one. Click on the corresponding “Create Draft” Button to proceed to the next stage.

Note : If you are not convinced with the topics click “Search Again” Button at the bottom of the page.


4. When your article starts generating, you will come across these different stages as shown below. Please hang on for a while.



Concept Relations





5. To help you improve the readability of your article, all lengthy sentences in your article will be displayed in “Red” and adverbs will be displayed in “Orange” as shown below.


6. Now, your generated article will be as shown below.


7. These below toolbars help you in editing your generated article.


8.  These boxes below helps you suggesting headlines for your article, checking the readability score of your article, checking whether the sentences in your article is plagiarized and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) check for your article.



Readability Score


SEO Check

9. To insert additional details in your article like search web for this particular word, get related trends and news regarding this keyword, get tweets about this keyword and some related keywords, Select a word/phrase which will drop a menu in which you can select your option.

DropDown Menu

Search web for this phrase

Web Search

Find related trends and news

trends & news

Get tweets about this

Related Tweets

Get related keywords


10. Finally, download your article by clicking on the “Download” button in the toolbar below.



To save your draft for later use, click “Save” button at the bottom of the page. You can open your draft later by clicking “My Drafts” button under your login name on the top of the page. Then, click on the “Edit” button parallel to your topic and have fun editing.



                      Go Ahead and Enjoy Creating Articles with Contentop App.

Content Writing App

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