Blog Optimizer – A Step by Step Guide

If you have a first draft of your article and are going to develop the final draft, Blog Optimizer can help you add more flesh to your article and to Optimize your article.

Here’s a step by step guide :

1. Log in into Contentop App.

2. In “What stage of writing are you in?” page, Select Blog Optimizer by clicking “Write without Distractions!”  Button.

3. Enter your headline and niche in the dialogue box that appears at the bottom of the page and click “Upload” Button.

4. You will land in a page where you can  “Paste your Blog Post here”.

Copy and paste your partially completed article in the box provided and click “Upload/Paste” Button.



5. To add more content and to spice up your article, you may have to search web for additional details, latest trends and news, tweets about the topic and some keywords related to yours. To do all these, Select a word/phrase which will drop a menu in which you can select your option.

Search web

Related trends & News

Get tweets

Related Keywords

Click your option and the Expert System will display some reference materials which you can click open to refer. For example in the below picture when “Find related trends and News” is clicked.

6. To optimize your article, use the following features by clicking the corresponding Buttons at the bottom of the page.

Check Readability

Check Plagiarism

SEO check  


After “Check Readability” is processed, to help you improve the readability, all adverbs in your article will be displayed in “Orange” and lengthy sentences will be displayed in “Red” as shown below.


An example for “SEO Check” is shown below.




7. To save your draft for later use Click “Save” Button at the bottom of the page. You can open your drafts later by clicking “Saved Draft” Button on the top of the page.

               Go Ahead and Optimize your Article with ContentOP App. Wish you success!