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Nobody wants to start from scratch!

Are you a blogger struggling to find topics for routine posts?

Find the right topic to blog about

Don’t know what to write about? Identify the topic that suits your need. Don’t wait for ideas to strike but unearth them.

Are you struggling with your first draft?

Create your first article draft in secs

Get your first draft in minutes. Ideas chalked down and structurally defined.

Using Contentop App is as easy as

Entering the keyword.

Choosing an article headline.

Clicking a button to generate!

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Why you need Contentop?

Nobody likes to start from scratch!

You hate to start from scratch! 

Have a headline for your article or blog post in your mind but do not want to start from scratch?. Get a rough draft of your blog post in minutes.

Create that rough draft now! >>

You need an intelligent assistant! 

Tired of running between search engines & reference material?. Need an efficient way to check readability/SEO scores?. How about an intelligent writing assistant?

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You have no idea about where to start! 

It's painful to get headlines & create outlines when you are down. How about an artificially intelligent mentor to guide you step by step?.

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Bring the power of artificial intelligence into your world of content writing.


Start writing directly with a article in hand that serves as your first draft.

Eliminate the time wasted

This article writing app brings down the writing time by eliminating the time wasted.

Subscription based

SAAS based Automated AI Writing Software that requires no download. No setup.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contentop‘s article generation mechanism has nothing to do with article spinning or article rewriting. Contentop is built on our own Content Ontology Platform, which is a PAAS Semantic Engine that mimics human writing mechanism.

Let us not get into the details of neuroscience and cognitive science. Here is a diagram that explains the process in layman terms for everybody to understand.

Contentop could never replace human creativity, but it can be an important motivating factor in keeping writers active and less tedious when it comes to starting a writing assignment. We will do our best to develop a unique bond between you and Contentop so that you both can formulate the writing strategy, you can build on each other’s ideas and get benefited.

We started developing Contentop on a mission to eliminate the time spend on writing articles. We are thrilled that thousands have taken the pain to signup to our wait list. Even when we believe that every one in the list has to be given a fair chance to try our app, we can not do so because of the constraints in the product development process. We’re getting close to size zero wait list, so please watch your inbox for updates.

That‘s awesome. Submit your feature requests, bug reports and questions to our support portal here (http://kb.contentop.com) or drop an email to web@contentop.com.
At same time you can also chat with our executives using the chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page.

More FAQs here ASK

Contentop is no more available for general users. If you are a business looking to use Contentop NLG platform, please contact us for a demo of our B2B NLG products