The Story About Our Vision to Humanize Computers!

The Kitchen Startup

Not long before when we decided to start Contentop, we chose a single bedroom apartment. That is when we realized that the best place to setup our development centre in that single bedroom apartment is 'THE KITCHEN'. The place was well ventilated and had a lot of built-in desk space (kitchen slabs as our desks).

And we setup our first development centre of Contentop in that "KITCHEN". There is where we learned new recipes, experimented with new ingredients and hacked the tricks of cooking softwares without burning our hands. We also learned that going lean in a kitchen startup has a lot to do about not purchasing expensive appliances but with tasty ingredients, the chefs and the cooking process. Considering that small starting, we have come too far from there. We now have a lean team and a small office. Lot more to go!

"If your team couldn't be fed with two pizzas, it's too big" - Jeff Bezos

The 'Why?' : The Soul of Contentop is innovation

"Our inventions mirror our secret wishes"- Lawrence Durrell.

Humans invented cars when they realized they are wasting time on transport. Nowadays, we have machines for almost every repetitive task; computers to overcome computational, mathematical burden, but we are yet to find a solution to one of the oldest, stodgiest and slowest task.

Writing is one such task.

Content industry is heavily depended on humans (writers) for generating content. This is a time consuming and painful process. While the survival of all digital/Internet companies depending on content, we have to do a lot here disrupt the way content is generated.

According to McKinsey Global Institute study, even with all these great inventions, we are still spending 61% of our time on un-productive tasks.

Taking that into account, we need to consider the time wasted on writing stuff when we actually can simplify the way content is generated.

The 'Road Less Traveled'

“The smartest innovation is to take a stodgiest, oldest, and slowest moving industry and build an amazing product for that” - Aaron Levie.

The greatest ideas are about bringing the power of technology to simplify slow and boring tasks. Content is one such industry. Content industry is still heavily depending on humans (writers) to generate content.

Needless to say, stress, undue pressure, and paucity of money make this career unpopular with people who want a steady and lucrative career. The industry relies heavily on the freelancers who constitute almost 60% of it. The companies have to coordinate between the freelancers, distribute work, provide feedback, and get the projects completed. This is a slow, complicated, and tedious process. A lot of man hour is lost in the process which could have been used in a better way. While the survival of all the Internet companies depending on content, we've got a lot to do to change that.

FYI Trivia

1. Any idea what the name Contentop stands for?

Contentop or ContentOP as you see in the logo stands for Content Ontology Platform. Contento or Contentop when said, is a word that means "GLAD" and "SATISFIED" in Italian. If the acronym or the latin word doesn't stick, just remember Contentop as "Content+Optimization" or "Content+Operations".

  • The Spark of Innovation

    Feb 2015

    How it all started

  • Company formation

    Jun 2015

  • Opened office

    Aug 2015

  • 1st FullTime Employee joins

    Sept 2015

  • MVP ready

    Dec 2015
  • Top 100 Startups in India

    Jan 2016
  • Beta v2 launch

    Mar 2016
  • NASSCOM 10K Startup

    June 2016
  • Beta v3 Launched

    Sept 2016

  • Decided to Pivot the app

    Feb 2017
  • Beta v4 released

    Oct 2017

  • Beta v5 released

    Jan 2018

The Founding Team


Responsible for Contentop's Platform, Partnerships & Strategy. 11+ yrs in the digital space with both tech & business mangement experience. Post graduate in Computational Linguistics and Knowledge Engineering.

Our Office:

Adzis, Inc,
3 E Evergreen Road,
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